Cook services

Every family is unique when it comes to meal planning, food habits, cuisine fondness and dietary needs. Finding an ideal cook who is the perfect fit for your family’s criteria and specific needs is a monumental task in itself. We understand that a good cook has to be the one who has an inherent passion for cooking and has in depth working knowledge, all in all, a detail oriented self starter. Working knowledge is all about recognizing the importance of cooking hygiene and declutter, valuing the food preferences of each family member, having adequate knowledge of individual tastes, having awareness of serving styles and above all an in depth understanding of cooking do’s and don’ts.


We train & groom our cooks in all aspects such as understanding cooking do’s & don’ts, acquiring the right cooking skills, maintaining proper hygiene, adopting right cooking practices, observing apt serving styles, following instructions with care in order to feed the family well etc. No matter whether you are looking for the good old home cooking experts or the one who are skillful sophisticated pallet masters, we have them all.

With a changing healthcare culture a lot of households have the desire to try different types of home cooked cuisines but do not have the time to experiment given their limitations of being working professionals or having a big family or having limited skill set or lack of interest in cooking etc. Additionally there are a lot of professionals who have irregular schedules because of which their meal timings are imbalanced. In all such cases a home cook proves to be extremely helpful since one has the luxury to have freshly cooked meals in line with one’s eating patterns, daily schedules and the dietary needs at one’s disposal!