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We at The House Care provide full time (24-hrs live-in) maid services across India which includes JAPA Maid, Nanny/ Babysitter, Domestic Help, Cook, Patients Care, Senior Care/ Elder Care. Book an appointment or interview by reaching us now @9999331218.

Japa Maid Services

Japa Maid Services

Taking care of a new born baby


Our Mother & Child Care expert will help you in

Hiring a babysitter can be very comforting for both new mother and also the family. Taking care of a new born baby is exhaustive and time can be divided not in a proportional way when it comes to taking care of your personal self and the new born baby.

Avoiding any kind of internal infections are necessary to avoid. New babies are prone infections. Also, daily hygiene of baby including bathing and toileting is a cumbersome task and having help at home could prove really helpful.

  • Japa Maid Available from Kolkata for Baby care, baby massage, Mother and Mother Meal
  • Book your Japa Maid before 2 month
  • Deposit Rs 10000.00 to 15000.00 advance as a Service Charge
  • Deposited Service Charge is not refundable

Japa Maid

Helper for those who have already experienced suffering and a warm welcome for the brand-new one. To ensure our mother and child have the best health and care possible, here we are with the japa Nanny. With their years of experience, they are professionals. They can adjust to mother shifts and new babies. They are skilled in massage, washing, and all other available essentials for the mother and child. They are aware of the kind of care that is necessary for both mother and child. They are awakened in the middle of the night to care for the infant and to give the mother some rest. They also sanitised all the equipment necessary for the infant's health.

Why Japa Maid's?

The period immediately following a child's birth is delicate. In addition to the mother's constant care and attention, the newborn also requires this. In addition to the hardship of giving birth, a mother has tremendous stress from staying up all night, responding to the baby's cries, and putting her life on pause for a few months. Many times, new mothers long for a friend to lend a hand while they are in need. A Japa Maid can help in this situation. They can help them in times of need and relieve some of the new mother's work.

They take care of the newborn with affection and care because they are highly hygienic and active. You can count on them to take the finest possible care of the infant. Even the japa's are aware of the nutrients needed by both mother and child for future growth. We promise to give you the greatest Zhappas, on which the mother and family depend when a new baby is born.A japa maid can assist a new mother in every way by advising her on how to care for the infant.

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